Nikkor 200-500mm F5.6

Review of the Nikon 200-500mm F5.6

I made myself a little Christmas present with a new lense! I ordered the Nikon 200-500mm  F5.6 and wraped it up with Christmas paper… then I handed it oder to my wife, and told her that this would be my present to out under the Christmas tree! So she had little to no idea what I would get 😉

Needless to say that I’ve taken my little present to Arosa. In my last post I’ve shared some images with the new 200-500mm lens. Here I would like to give you some more examles of the images I’ve taken with this lens.

Some feeback:

  • First it’s a pretty heavy lens, 2.3kg. If you are not used to such a beast, then better get trained up!
  • With a range of 200mm to 500mm, taking pictures of people in close proximity, is a no go… this is pretty clear.
  • with 200mm+ and the D850 with it’s 46-Mega-Pixel, you need a calm hand to get sharp images, or a very quick shutter speed! in the range of 1/1600 to 1/2000. Which turns your ISO pretty high up if you don’t have a lot of sunlight.
  • On the tri-pod I had some interesing effects, when using the VR. The images got quite blurry! Further I was inside, with an open window, and this at -10°C, so this also created some air turbulences, hence blurry images.


  • This is a really cool lens wich gives you a lot of flexebility with the big zoom range
  • You better have good light for handhold shoots
  • When using the tri-pod, disable the VR and use the mirro-lock-up (or silent shooing on the D850) and exposure delay.
  • In low light situations, the auto-focus only works though the viefinder, the display-AF mode us not usable on the Nikon D850.
  • On the tri-pod, I’ve only used the back screen to focus

enough writing… enjoy the images!


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