Road to Arosa

Drive to Arosa
Today we have driven to Arosa for our X-Mas vacation. The kids and my wife did take the train from Chur to Arosa, as Flurina gets sick on the drive…
I had the fully packed car and was winding up the street towards Arosa. I’ve seen the snowy mountains lit by the setting sun, a truly beautiful view. I was looking for a good spot, where I did see the mountains but did not have any trees in my view. So I just stopped at the location shown below on the map.

I set up my try-pod and got my D850 out of the car. First I used the 70-200mm and then I took out my christmas gift! My new 200-500mm F5.6. A huge lens!! So I took a few nice close-up’s of the mountain ridge while in the back the sun was firing up the sky. And in between I’ve taken shoots of the moon at 500mm/f8. it has incredible detail…

In the gallery below you see the full set of images… just enjoy.



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