The Wave

Hi Guys,

This year Cisco is running the so called GSX (Company meeting in Las Vegas) so we had the chance to travel to the US all together. My friend Dominik and myself decided to do off into the Parks to take some nice pictures… He had seen images from “the wave” and he said that we must see this location. As you might not know, this is not a location you can just walk in, you need a special permission to go there. So we arrived on Saturday morning at the tourists office in Kanab at 8:30 to take part of the lottery for an entrance ticket to the location. Only 10 people are allowed per day to visit the are where “the wave” is. There where about 30 people in the office to get a permit to enter the area. Luckily we won an entry-pass!!! (yes,yes….) for the Sunday the 24th.

The next morning we hiked the 3 mile “path” to “the wave”, it is a pretty tough path so bring a lot of water with you. After about one hour we arrived at “the wave”, and wow….this place is probably the best photo spot on earth.

Enjoy the pictures at my Gallery




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