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The new Gallery – Piwigo

ear reader,

A few weeks ago I migrated my whole gallery, which holds pictures back from 2000 until today. These are more than 180’000 Images, and 830GB just for JPG/Movies!

I used to have Gallery3, as I’m self hosting everything. As Gallery3 did get abandoned some time ago, I was looking around once in a while. I looked at Lychee, had a go with PiWiGo, but my most important feature was to sync with a local directory. I have organised all images in a Year/Event structure. So importing 180’000 images over a web GUI, was not an option.

So I re-installed Piwigo and have discovered that you can easily import/sync folders!

I’ve imported year by year, so I did not have too huge chunks to sync. This turned out really good, as the import does not render the images (thumbnails and resized images) in import, it’s just a matter of adding imaged to the DB.

I was able to import 180’000 images in a morning without a glitch! Well Done Piwigo.

To clean up all a few things, like directory names which have “non compliant” characters with a tool “detox“. This  made life very easy.

I’ve also installed a few plugins, which should help me on the gallery:

So I look forward to use Piwogo as my new gallery


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