The last autumn leaves

The last autumn leaves


Sunday morning, little snow in the garden and it was raining… so not the day you like to go out. Having my kids around, I did not have much time to take some images… During breakfast I see over to the forest, and I’ve seen a few bushes/trees which still have some leaves on them, and they were sort of shining in the forest. I thought this could be a nice shot, but it should be from higher up. I took the tri-pod and the Nikon D850 with the 70-200mm to the bedroom. Our bedroom is on the top floor, where we also have a window towards the forest. The perfect location for today little project.

I set up everything, and then I took a few test shoots…. all blurry… 🙁

Ahh… my D850, megapixel monster, so I enabled shutter delay, silent shooting, and 10s self timer delay! I set the aperture to f8 and used the viewfinder. Much better. I played a bit with the orientation and hoped for not too much wind, as my exposure was at about 1/10s.

Finally I played quite a bit in Lightroom, mainly with the crop, as the 200mm was not enough to get the section I liked.

So please enjoy my moody images.


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