Server chassis upgrade

Server chassis upgrade

Dear Visitor,

Today I’ve exchanged my servers body, well changed the chassis of the server. This was required to host more hard-drives for backups. I already had enough space in the server but I’ve lost my backup server of my cousin! So I thought I would change the chassis so I can put now 24, yes twenty-four, hard-drives in there.

Luckily my company has thrown away some old servers, but the chassis was still in my favour, nice SATA/SAS back-plain and  some stupid old SATA/SAS controller, which is only doing JBOD.

With that I now have a RAID6 with 12x 6T disks, running all my stuff on. This is formated using JFS, which preformes nicely at the size of 55TByte.
The second new backup raid, I’ve asked my colleges from the datacenter team, and they suggested to use ZFS instead. So let’s see how this 30TByte, also RAID6 (which is called RAIDZ2 by ZFS), is doing…

dev/md127     55T   32T   23T  59% /vol/0
backupVol     30T  3.0T   27T  10% /backupVol

I use rsnapshot to sync/backup every night.

So now I just need to wait until the first sync is going tonight…


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