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Who am I?

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I’m Roman Gischig, born 1973 in Basel Switzerland.

From a young age I was interested and fascinated by Technology. This started with LEGO, then RC cars and finally I got my first computer, the Commodore 64. I learned a little bit of Basic programming. Computer kept me fascinated over the years so I did an apprenticeship as Electronics at the Swiss Post (today Swisscom) where I learned how to work precise and  and under pressure.

To learn English, I was spend 8 month in Sunnyvale California supporting my Uncle at his startup, Bear Instruments (mass spectrometer development). Here I first got in contact with he Internet, a whole new world opened up. I’ve helped creating new websites, beefed up the PC’s and built a local network so all PC’s where able to communicate with each other and even more important, they where able to connect to the internet.

Back in Switzerland I went to the Electronics engineering school FHBB – Fachhochschule (Basel) and did my diploma in Electronics. In March 2000 I begun  to work at Cisco in various roles which are described below.

By now I have a family and live in Effretikon, near Zürich. I find my balance doing Ju-Jitsu at the WLZ and going hiking and snowboarding in the mountains. A big part of my interest is now in photography and taking videos with my drone. So I’m never bored and I have always new ideas on what to do. And my two girls also keep me busy….

On the technical side I keep myself up to date with my own Linux server sunning in my basement. Here I host all my websites, host my own mail-server and have a save place for all my wonderful pictures. I would say that I have a very good understanding of computers, Linux systems storage, firewalls and web-applications.

2020-today: ] pexip [ Technical Solutions Architect

I’m the first and only Solutions Architect from Pexip in Switzerland. I’m proud to support my customers in technical questions and architectural decision making.

As an SA work closely with my peers at Pexip and have a direct link to our development team in case I need to further investigate a topic. The Pexip solution also works in public clouds, which is a new field for me, but a very interesting one. Exploring Azure or GCP is always interesting and make the solution very flexible.

Since we are a small team in Switzerland, I work very close with my Reginal Sales Managers, to find new opportunities and explore new areas where the Pexip solution fits.

If you need more information about Pexip or Video conferencing in general, don’t hesitate contacting me

2000 – 2020 Cisco

2010-2020: Cisco : Technical Solutions Architect in the Swiss Collaboration sales team

As Collaboration Technical Solutions Architect in the Swiss Collaboration sales team, I’m responsible supporting the sales in selling the Cisco collaboration portfolio to our customers. My customers ranges from a Swiss University or Mid-Sized (KMU) company to the Fortune 500. Each customer is different so I must adopt quickly to the their needs and requirements. Is it going to be a new Webex-Teams Cloud solution or the traditional on premise Callmanager this depends on listening carefully to the customer and his requirements. With by background and knowledge about the Cisco portfolio I can create a custom solution for each and every customer. Being active in the Cisco collaboration space since 2002 in various roles, I have a strong and deep understanding of the Cisco collaboration portfolio.

An important part of my role is to support our Swiss Cisco Collaboration partners. We deliver trainings and technologie updates in regular intervals to a large audience. Further we support the partners in RFP’s and RFQ’s if needed. Over the years the work with the partners have developed a trusted relationship.

With the move to cloud a lot of new topics have come to the table. From guiding the partner and customer on how to design the network to support the new ways the data travels has become as important as teaching how to integrate app’s into his business workflow.

Diverse and creative work keeps me motivated

Work History

2007-2010: Cisco Network consultant engineer in the EMEA UC/Video Practices

2005-2007: Cisco NOS support engineer in the Swiss Advanced Services Team

2005-2006: Cisco Network consultant engineering the Swiss Advanced Services Team

2002-2005: Cisco AVVID TAC engineer in the Brussels world wide TAC

2000-2002: Cisco Network consultant engineer in the Cisco Professional Services EMEA Team