Örmis – fly-over

The 2nd flight with the Mavic Air

Today we walked to the Örmis natural resort, which is about a 40min walk from home. It was still cold, about 2°C and snow is all over the place. Today I’ve tried to capture some Sphere-Panoramas and practiced some more flight modes.

I’ve asked Flurina to drive around with the bike, where I’ve tried to lock on her.. I still need to practice this a lot more!

The Sphere-Panorama, is a bit simpler, set the camera to “M”, ISO 100, and what ever exposure is right. Then select the shooting mode, and trigger the shoot. I placed the Mavic Air over the woods, and over the little lake.

Back at home I tried to stich them together… Lightroon, nope, does not work. Photoshop, nope.. Google… the recommendation was using Microsoft’s ICS, and e-voila…

Then I’ve tried some top-down shoots, which I think come out pretty well.. so enjoy the shoots.


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