Obersee (Glarus) by night

Stars at the Lake

Last week, Dominik called me up if I would have time to go shooting the stars at the Obersee near Näfels (Kt. Glauris). He has seen some nice pictures from a course online

I had to double check the availability of mine, with my wife and kids…After this was set, we met at 6pm at the Obersee. I was a bit early and able to catch some nice sun-flooded images from the lake and the Brünnelistock in the background.

We wandered around the lake, but we did not really find some interesting compositions to shoot. So we decided to head to the restaurant and got a nice Cordonbleu until the sun set and the sky turned dark.

As there was NO moon, the mountains turned pitch-black, which in turn created a nice contrast to the sky, which was still lit a little by the setting sun.

We shot until about midnight where the contrast between the sky, mountains was fading away.

So we called it a day….

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