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Picture editing

Gimp & Photoshop or Lightroom


GeoSetter & GPS-Visualizer



HDR Imaging

HDRI Picturenaut & Plug-in for Picturenaut

I’ve written a pyton script to run on a Linux PC to control my cameras. The aim of the script was to create a exposure series. I used it with my eeePC 701, which run about 3h out in the wild without power. The script was tested with the D40x and the D90. The D600 I’ve not tested yet. Download here the script

HDR – Multi Exposure Series This script is useful for Cameras which can not do Bracketing, or only have the option for 3 Images, like my Nikon D90 and even the D600 so I’ve wrote a script which takes multiple pictures with different exposure times, so you can creat great HDRI pictures HDRI-Scritp

I write my scripts with Python, as I’m no longer a good programmer 😉 I’ve used to program in C and other languages, but my job does not require any programming, so I’ve lost my knowledge around it…


Multi exposure script is to take multiple pictures with the same exposure time over a long period of time. This is very useful to make Star Trail pictures.
Afterwards you can use StarTrail.exe to stack them to the final picture.

I just found an alternate program: StarStaX