Drone Arosa Roman

Mavic Air over snowy Arosa

During our Christmas holidays I managed to fly my Mavic Air a few times. It was gorgeous, the sun was out, the trees covered with fresh snow. Really peaceful. So I thought I would compose a little video about these days.

I’ve also found a new tool, to look into the flight data: it’s called AirData, it syncs the data from the Dji site to the AirData, and then it processes it.

This is how it can look. My flight from 4th of Jan. Where I did film and took some images. Quite amazing. You also get a lot more data out, like signal strength and so on.

As you can see from the below screenshot, I lost the connection between the Mavic Air and the controller when I’ve flown behind the hilltop! but the Mavic Air came back just fine! So I was able to fly back home! Just a few minutes later, the iPad mini turned off! an other shock, it was just too cold (-12°C) for the iPad, and the battery started to freeze. I pressed the return to home button, and exchanged the iPad with my iPhone. So I was able to bring the Mavic Air back home save. Lucky me

Last but not least, I managed to capture a quite amazing shot of the moon, while setting over the Arosa Weisshorn.
I’ve used my Nikon D85 with the 200-500mm zoom lens. As I forgot my tri-pod, I had to shoot this out of my hand! And then a little Lightroom and SilverEffects, et voila:

If you like to explore the time/date/location on Ephemeris, have a look here:

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