MALLORCA – Cala Figuera

On Friday morning I was able to sneak away for a few hours…so I went to the Calc Figuera. I’ve searched this place via Google-Maps and we have been driving past it a few days earlier. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy and the water was really calm.. I was hoping with the wind in place I would get a few more waves.

I walked the narrow way down from the parking to the beach.

I’ve decided to use the BigStopper filter again, to smooth out the water, so I get this really nice silky look

my first long exposure shot got all purple…

and I was not sure why. first I blamed the filter, then I remembered someone talking about closing the back viewfinder with the cap… so I closed the back side of my viewfinder.. and here you are:


I walked around the beach and found some really nice spots and objects. With the tripod and the BigStoper mounted the right way, I managed to get some really nice pictures. As you can see some had some bright reflections on it, which are probably from some light pouring into BigStopper.

while the long time exposure took place, I took a few pictures with my mobile, to show you the setup:




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