Solved : LightRoom CC…

Finally I have bought a LightRoom subscription as it’s one of my most used programs. I was quite happy with LR5, and was looking forward to LR6 with GPU support and faster workflow. Sadly enough, LR6 is not living up to it’s exceptions, it’s a lot slower on my PC than LR5, at least it feels dead slow. and on top of things exporting images, which in my view is the core of LR, does not work properly!! First I’ve dropped a forum question to the topic, and I got a response that this seems to be a known issue: LIGHTROOM CC – Random white images when exporting or publishing The workaround is to only use 1 CPU for Lightroom:

A workaround to this bug is to run Lightroom on 1 CPU. Download this Windows batch file: 

and put it on your desktop. When you're ready to do your export, exit LR and restart it by double-clicking on the .bat file. Then do the export. The export will go much slower, but the chances of encountering the bug will be greatly reduced. 

I did some test exports, each with 1000 JPEGs, with varying numbers of CPUs, and here are the number of blank JPEGs produced: 

1 CPU: 0 
2 CPUs: 6 
4 CPUs: 26 
8 CPUs: 29 

(This was on a 4-core / 8 logical processor machine.) Give that this bug is almost certainly a concurrent-programming bug, it's still possible that you'll encounter the bug when running with just 1 CPU, but in practice, most such bugs happen very infrequently on 1 CPU.

So for the time being, I will disable my watermark, as it’s ruining my workflow…   So far i’m really disappointed with the performance, and stability of the new LR6 🙁 and I’ve not even mentioned the face recognition feature and the 1:1 preview….   Update (29/7/2015):

Lightroom 2015.1.1 / 6.1.1 was released today and should resolve this issue.


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