I finally made a Calendar from my Images

Since we have done some calendars from our World-Trip with our kids for the family, I was tempted to do an “artistic” one for me, and some selected friends.
I used Whitewall, since they let you do a lot of customization and deliver very good quality.

We have initially ordered two separate calendars from the kids in A3, and the result was outstanding.

Then I had to get through my 2500 “good” images from our trip and sort out the ones I would like to use. I marked all “very good” images with a “green tag” in lightroom, so I could just create a smart collection, based on the tag color. I ended up with about 120 images.

I had in mind to create one calendar in “color” and one in more or less “B&W”. One should be A2 landscape and one portrait. So I had then to match the orientation to the calendar. It turned out that the landscape version shall become the colored version and the portrait the black&white.

In the meantime, Franziska came to help and we discussed the images and the order in which they should appear in the calendar.

If you like to have a copy of one of these calendars, let me know and I will create one for you. Also if you don’t like a particular image, I’m happy to change it to something else.

The calendar in size of A2 is available for CHF 100.-


Lonely Tree

Date: 2019/10/1
Place: Somewhere along the road, Utah, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2391/category/143

Land of Cowboys

Date: 2019/11/10
Place: Gobblins State Park, Utah, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2607/category/150

Nugget Point

Date: 2020/2/12
Place: Somewhere along the road, Utha, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2391/category/143

Burning Sky

Date: 2019/8/16
Place: Ninilchik, Alaska, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/1381/category/106

No Departure

Date: 2019 09 17
Place: Near Seattle, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2097/category/130

Mossy Grounds

Date: 2019/2/9
Place: Keppler Walk, Manapouri, New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2391/category/143

Beach boulders

Date: 2020/2/18
Place: Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2391/category/143

Grand Vista

Date: 2019/9/25
Place: Lava Fields, Bend, Oregon, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2205/category/136

Rough Edge

Date: 2019/10/1
Place: Londrangar,Iceland
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/869/category/80


Date: 2020/1/5
Place: Redwood Forest, Rotorua, New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/4242/category/224

The Golden Gate

Date: 2019/10/1
Place: San Francisco, California, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/3462/category/176


Date: 2019/9/29
Place: Craters of the Moon NP, Idaho, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2274/category/140


Snow on the Moon

Date: 2019 09 29 Craters of the Moon
Place: Craters of the Moon National Park, USA

We woke up and the Moon was covered with a spray of snow. It was just a little over 0C° so the snow begun to melt. This has created a wonderful landscape with endless number of beautiful subjects.

The Waterfall

Date: 2020 02 01 Franz Josef Glacier
Place: Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/4849/category/249

We walked to the end of the Franz Josef Glacier walk and, on the way back I’ve seen this little waterfall. I already had this photograph in black and white in mind when I took the shoot. And I think it’s one of the best photographs I’ve created during our trip.


Date: 2019 11 25 Volcano Haleakalā
Place: Haleakalā, Maui, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/3573/category/187
Standing at the top of the Haleakalā on Maui, I’ve shoot this with my 500mm lens. The hill is about 1km away from the visitor platform, the long lens helped to craft this image.

Frozen Tree

Date: 2019 09 29 Craters of the Moon
Place: Craters of the Moon National Park, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2271/category/140

On top of the Inferno Cone Overlook the trees where still covered on one side in a spray of snow. The landscape looked so unreal but beautiful.

The Church

Date: 2019 07 19 Búðakirkja
Place: Búðakirkja, Iceland
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/864/category/80

This is probably the most iconic church in Iceland, and the clouds above make this image work. This was at the beginning of our travel and we still had to get into the right mood, but I have envisioned this image while I took it.

The Narrows

Date: 2019 08 31 Tofino at the beach
Place: Tofino, Canada
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/1700/category/116

While the kids where enjoing themselves at the beach near by, I searched for some more abstract places to take a good photograph.

Alien Fingers

Date: 2020 02 11 Petrified Forest Curio Bay
Place: Curio Bay, New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/5160/category/257

While we where walking at the beach at the south end of New Zealand at the Curio Bay, this seaweed looked very alien. With it’s shine and pattern it has been a very good subject to take a picture of.

The Mirror

Date: 2019 08 31 Tofino at the beach
Place: Tofino, Canada
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/1705/category/116

At the beach at Tofino I found this nice pond with the reflections of this rock and trees. In color this photograph does not work but when converted into black and white, the beauty reveals

Little Waves

Date: 2020 02 08 Manapouri
Place: Manapouri New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/5046/category/254

A simple shot in the woods at lake Manapouri while we walked back to our RV. Again, this photograph did not look like much when viewd in color, but in black and white it has transports the mood of the location.

The end of the Arch

Date: 2019 10 06 Mesa Arch
Place: Mesa Arch, Utha, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/3167/category/147

A somewhat different view to the Mesa Arch in Canyon Lands. This is such a crowded place that looking at things at a different angle can reveal so much more.

The end of the World

Date: 2020 02 11 Slope Point
Place: Slope Point, New Zealand
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/5148/category/257

At the end of the world, at the south end of New Zealand, the vista so gentel but rough at the same time. I could stare at this image for a long time and dream.


Date: 2019 09 17 Glen Ayr RV-Park
Place: Near Seattle, USA
Link: https://www.we-go.ch/gallery/picture.php?/2097/category/130

At Ronja’s 3rd birthday it was raining all day. Nevertheless, we had a walk to the beach on the other side of the road. The calm waters with the boat, the textured sands and clouds compose this image into masterpiece.

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