Flight over the dam of Rapperswil

After the Devnet Express event….

We had a Cisco DEVNET express event at the HSR in Rapperswil. So I thought I bring along my camera and drone… It was afterall a very beautiful place, right next to the lake Zürich.

After we had done our programming and grill feast, I headed out over the bridge next to the dam. The sun was about to set, so I flew the drone back and forth over the lake, using the Quick-shoot mode “Tab flight – free” I let the drone fly into one direction and can still turn the drone gently. I think I ended up with 10 gigabyte of movies… yes they end up huge. So far I was not able to cut a small movie out of it, so I’ve only attached the DEVNET movie which I did for the company.

Never the less I’ve also shoot some nice images with the drone and cam, so please enjoy the images and movie


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