First shots with the Nikon D850

The Nikon D850….

The long wait has ended… I heard roomers more than a year ago that Nikon should bring a successor to the Nikon D810. As a D600 and D610 owner, and traveling with Dominik who pushed me to get a decent camera, I wanted to wait for the arrival of the Nikon D850.

After the roomers had set this summer, I did a pre-order at  for the next generation D810. And soon the date of October 7th was announced that the D850 would be shipping! And I was lucky to get one from the first patch. I had the Nikon D850 in the mail on the 9th of October, just before the weekend.

The first images

First I had to charge the battery! Which was a surprise to me, as I thought they would come ready to use… never the less the D850 battery is the same as for the D600/D610 so I used one of my own.

Then I played with the settings on the camera, to adjust it to my needs, like adding quick links to the custom menu and browsing through the new settings!

Compared to the D610, the D850 looks a bit larger and more massive but very similar in the handling. So the D850 was feeling at home in a larger home!

The Weekend

My two daughters spent the weekend at my parents place in Vitznau. Which is really good for photography, as it’s at the lake and next to a steep mountain. The girls where coming home from a boat trip, so we headed down to the peer and waited for their arrival. The scene was really nice with some nice clouds and some sunlights peaking through. When the boat arrived, I shoot some pictures if the boat and the people getting off.

At my parents place : the sunset

The sky was was burning at sunset, and I did not bring my tri-pod with me…. hence I’ve had used a chair on the balcony to place the D850 on it as the shooting time was longer than what I would recommend to hold by hand. And I think I got some really nice images.

Lightroom does not support the the Nikon D850 yet, so I had to convert them to DNG format, which is sort of a pain… Finally I edited them in Lightroom….


The first sight of some of the initial images where quite disappointing… all blurry… so with all the 47MP’s this is a totally different game. I hat to crack up the shutter speed to 3x the focal length or use a tri-pod. So my images from Vitznau where mostly sharp. And the 47MP really give a lot of pixles to work with, and zooming in is just amazing.


A really nice camera from what I can tell so far


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