Drone top-down photos

A beautiful evening

Today my girls where on the way back from my parents, so I had a free evening. I just got home in time to head back out with my bicycle to the near by fields. I did not want to disturb the neighbours with the drone. The sun was about to set, and the fields where glowing in the sunset. I tried some nice videos and smooth shots close to the ground.

I also tried to search some nice patterns for a good photograph. The patterns of the field, the roads, crops and the school of trees lit by the side of the setting sun.

later that evening, the moon has risen over the horizon, so I set up my 500mm lens onto my Nikon D850.

At 1/250th of a second, with ISO 100, and f 5.6 I was able to capture a really clear moon. With a little work in Lightroom, exporting to SilverEffects and some final touches, enjoy the result.

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