DJI Mavic 2 Pro….

The first flight

Yesterday I got my Mavic 2 Pro which I bought from a friend of mine. As I live in a non-flight zone I had to wait until I was able to take the first flight..

Today I set out with my bicycle and the new Mavic 2 Pro in my backpack. I got to a shady bench at a big field, so I was sure I don’t bump into any obstacle.  I had set all parameters back home to my liking, so I don’t get surprised when I go up in the air.

I also bought the DJI Smart Controller to fly my drone. I have to say it’s working really well and the display is bright.

As I had a DJI Mavic Air for the last 2 years, it did not feel much different. I have to say that the Mavic 2 Pro feels a lot more responsive and faster. So enjoy the fist video from the Mavic 2 Pro

As you’ve seen I’ve done a hyperlapse over about 10min flight time. As it was petty windy today, the footage was quite “bumpy”, so I’ve used the stabilizer and de-flicker in Davinci Resolve to fix the movie.

At home I enhanced a few things:

The Smart Controller got a neck strap. I recycled my Nikon D600 strap and used the bottom screws to attach the strap… easy


The result form tonights flight:

DJI 0321-HDR
DJI 0321-HDR (May 23, 2020)