Cinematic trip to the Rheinfall

Last week I decided that I would go out with my drones and would grab some nice footage. So where shall I go? Well I life about 30min from the Rheinfall, and I thought to myself that this could be a good subject. I had in mind to be there at sunrise, so I can capture the sun rising over the waterfall. This was the plan..

I got up at 5:45 am and sneaked out the house not to wake up anyone. I had my Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Air 2, the GoPro-Hero7 all prepared in my backpack. Warm clothing and some snacks were also prepared. I drove to the parking at Schloss Laufen (which seems to be free). Already on the way, thick fog was appearing, hence I was certain that I would not get a sunrise shot… Never the less I parked at 6:30 am and put on my warm clothing and ate something.

Looking for a good spot to start the drone from this side of the Rhein did not turn out so well. The shore was covered with trees, so I crossed the Rhein over the rail-bridge which had on either side a pathway. It was getting brighter but still, everything was covered in thick clouds.

I have waited for a long time, but every now and then, I took the Mavic 2 Pro up into the air. I think I got some really nice mystic shoots. Luckily the sun came out at about 10 am. Almost running low on battery on the Smart Controller, the final shots came out wonderful…

After this lovely morning, with lots of good flights over the Rheinfall where I was able to get nice shots from the water flowing over the rocks I headed home to get some lunch with my girls…