Picture Frame 2.0

Finally, I bought a large screen, convinced my wife and did it… but one after the other. I had an idea to place a large screen in the dining area to display our travel images, calendar information, time, and the weather… So after our travels, … Continue readingPicture Frame 2.0

The Pictureframe

I had the idea to mount a screen in our living room to display our images from your world-tour. I did not want to spend too much money and for a test I used an old screen I have around. Initially I tried with an … Continue readingThe Pictureframe

Office Update…

Since we are back from our trip, we installed ourselves in our home again. I had to re-install all the IT stuff as well as my office. IT installation The Internet First I had to get my internet connection back up, so I called UPC … Continue readingOffice Update…

6 Month of Piwigo

Hi All, I’m using piwigo for almost 6 month now. Mainly on our travel home page We-go.ch where I’ve tried a few new things. On this page I only have about 4000 images. Import: I mainly import images via the “Quick-Sync” option from the hard … Continue reading6 Month of Piwigo