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An other night at the Prätschsee

Last weekend it was promised to see a lot of shooting stars, and as the forecast was pretty good, I packed up my new Samyon 14mm/f2.8 on the Nikon D850, and as backup my D610 with the 14-24mm/f2.8.

I’ve arrived at about 9:30pm in Arosa, and went directly to the Prätschli Hotel by car. This is my starting point for the 20min walk to the

Prätschsee. This is the same place which I was taking pictures with Alessandro Della Bella the other week.

The sky still had some clouds, never the less the stars where uncovering themselves pretty nicely. I walked down to the lake, which was pretty dried out, as the summer was really hot and dry. Never the less I captured some reflective shoots.

Towards midnight, the moister in the air started to become a real problem, the lens got covered with dew, and even my jacket was wet all over!

Never the less I sent the time taking some panorama shoots of the sky with the milky-way in the center 🙂

At about 1am, I packed up my stuff and went home. The hoped shooting stars where really rare, I think only one shoot, had a shooting star in… so not what I was hoping for, but still some really nice pictures…


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