All-in-One Power distribution and charging board

As I’m about to travel to Iceland with Stefan I thought it would be handy to have a all-in-one carry around item for all my electronics charging. I wanted this to be kind of “light” and flexible, but still tough enough to carry the weight of the solution. I started with a Power distribution bar in a box, and attached a wooden sheet, to separate the cables and the chargers. Soon I realized that this does not work very well. Further the box did not fit well in my luggage. I needed something more cleaned up. I remembered these “lochplatten” from Ikea, they looked light, but sturdy. So I went to Ikea to get one of these SKÅDIS and one more USB-C charger, ÅSKSTORM . On the way home I stopped at the OBI to get some other stuff, and there I’ve seen these really flat power distribution “boxes”, which fit nicely underneath.

I wanted to be able to mount the two DJI mounting stations, the USB-Nikon battery charger and a small battery charger. Further I wanted enough USB ports to charge the phone, DJI-Controller, GoPro batteries and much more.

At the end I had a total of 7 USB ports, where two are already used. But this should be plenty for all my gear, I hope…


    • 3x USB-A
    • Max 3.5A, 2.5A per socket


    • 1x USB-A @1A
    • 1y USB-C @ 3A (15W)

DJI Mavic 2 Pro charging Station

    • 1x USB-A @ 2A

DJI Mavic Air 2 charging Station

    • 1x USB-A @ 2A

And optional I want to mount the power brick of my Lenovo X1 Extreme.

So I have ONE big brick to carry around.

In order to make it look nice and tidy, I had to cut the power cables to length and drill some holes for the cables to go through. At the end it was just fitting all together and securing in place with some cable ties.

I’m quite pleased with the result and flexibility of the solution and I’m looking forward to my trip to Iceland. But first I’ll test this on my family vacation on the Beatenberg soon.