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2018_09_23 Top of Rigi

The Rigi

Last Weekend we left our kids at the Grandparents in Vitznau and spend the night at the Top of the Rigi. The weather was quite stormy, with lots of wind. The days before it was really warm, and a cold front was coming in. With the big change the clouds where fantastic to look at. They drew amazing patterns, which you can see below.

While the sun was setting, a small opening between the clouds was seen on the horizon. I was hoping to see the sun jus before sunset, so I would get some nice images. I did not get disappointed. The sky was on fire, and lighting up mountain ridges in the distance, and later the sky. Just look at these wonderful images and enjoy them. It was truly one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. Despite the hard wind I was able to capture some sharp images and my camera did not get blown away 🙂

enjoy… roman


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