2018/08/23 Day 1 – Las Vegas to Cedar City

Day 1 – Las Vegas to Cedar City…

We woke up at around 7am, packed up, and then our ways, Ralf and mine separated.. he went to the south rim of Grand Canyon, and I drove from Las Vegas to Cedar City.

First things forst.. Im picked up my Jeep Wrangler at Avis, which seemed to be more difficult then I thought.. never the less I got what I wanted. Drove over the street to WholeFood, to get some water and fruits and breakfast. So I was all set and ready to go.

After about 3h, driving towards Zion NP, I missed the exit to the Kolob Terrace road, so I ended up in Springdale.. got refueled and drove back to Virgin, the origin of the Kolob Terrace road.

The Road

The windy road with it’s magnificent views took me some time to complete. I stopped at every occasion to take some good images.

Up on Lava Rock view point, I took a little timelaps…


Mid way, I also started the tracker, which seems to work pretty good. It’s the Galaxy S5, running GPSLogger on it. Then I map this in the OSM plugin below.

Driving down towards Ceader, a heavy thunderstorm approached! So I went directly to my hotel. I begun to process my images and sorted out my suitcase with all the gear.

The Tire

Then I got a phone call from the reception…”Do you own a Silver Jeep? Yes…You have a flat tire sir….” and sure thing.. this tire was flat. I tried to call AVIS, but no luck to get someone on the line. So I changed the tire myself, which took me about 30 min.. so no biggie… let’s see tomorrow, I will drive over to AVIS in Cedar to get a new tire, I hope..

The Gallery


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