2018 05 12 USA Point Reyes

This year I had the chance to visit the Cisco SE-VT for Collaboration in San Jose CA. I had been able to go already on Friday before it stared. So I planned to visit Point Reyes, as I’ve missed this the last few times I was over in CA.

I booked a room near the Inverness for the night, so I had not to travel long to the lighthouse. I was accompanied by Patrick and Jacob this time. Since we still had some jet-lag we started early to travel to the lighthouse, which was really a good decision. When we arrived on site, the weather was really nice, blue sky but windy…

At 10am they opened the gate towards the  lighthouse, then the weather turned kind of bad. Fog was coming in within minutes. Never the less the place is really interesting and fun to go to.

Over the course of the day, we visited many other places along the cost.

I’ve also brought along the Mavic Air, I hope I’ll post some of the recordings I’ve done soon, but the drone was very stable in the wind, really amazing.

so for now, enjoy the pictures…



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