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2018/08/24 DAY 2 – Cedar City to Torrey

Day 2 – Cedar City to Torrey

I did sleep pretty good, although the Model was just next to the highway.. I had a lot of plans for this day, so let’s get started

The Tire

As AVIS was opening at 8am, I was all set and at the AVIS booth at 7:50am at the airport inCedar City. After a short conversation, she offered me a replacement car….well either a HUGE, Suburban, or some crappy dirty average car… I declined the offer and asked if she could help me fix the tire. She pointed out that at Walmart you can get your tired patched… So I drove over to Walmart and they could patch the tire!!! and this for only 10$. So I have now a spare tire which should get me back on a road, in case I would blow up an other tire somewhere along the gravel roads.

It was about 9am, when I headed off towards Cedar Break, A long windy road all the way up to the 9000feetCedar Break park. The sun was shining, the clouds moving quickly, and the view up here, just wonderful.

At the Rim, I set up my camera and got some really nice shoot. I had an idea on create some timelapse from the moving clouds. I programmed my D850, for a 2s interval, and about 300 images, which gives 10s of filme. I did this a few times from different angels of the rim. While shooting I almost run out of capacity on my 128GB flash card… I did the math, 300 x 60MB = 18GB !! and this per 10s film… Never the less here is the result:

So I continued my drive towards Boulder UT, and over to Fruita. When I was passing thorough Panguich,  a heavy hail storme just passed by, so the streets where all covered with ice! what a day, from 35°C to 11°C in minutes.

Over the whole day, rainstorms where present everywhere, needless to say, that depending where you are, be careful about lightning strokes.

The route on Highway 12, is really scenic, it drives you through the monumental views at Escalante over the high ridge towards Boulder UT. Probably the best route you can find around here.

After Boulder, the scene changes to a forest type route over the hills. Ending in Torrey, where I had my next Hotel.

The D850

I know the D850 had some issues in the past, that it would just shut down (mostly after changing a lens), but this time, I changed from my 24-70mm to the 14-24mm as I was preparing an other timelaps on the lookout, the D850 went dead.. so I removed the battery, the SD cards. Let it sit for 20min… battery back in, nothing…DEAD!!!! So I got my D610 out and did a 500 image timelapse 🙂

Since it was raining, I did not spend the night outside for some cool stargazing… so I spent the evening editing images and creating the timelapse.


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