Zion – Walk in The Narrows

Here we are again,

The next and last day at Zion, we planned to walk The Narrows. With a plan in mind and being well prepared this time we headed off to the entrance of Zion. We had packed some good sandwiches and some trail-food, as there is no place to get something to eat. As the last time the walk in The Narrows was rather cold, we have brought along some good clothing to keep us warm. Finally we needed the right gear, i.e. the walking pole and the right boots with the neoprene socks to keep our feet warm. At the entrance of Zion, we rented the stuff and headed directly afterwards to the Zion-tram and headed all the way in to the Temple of Sinawava, where the beginning of The Narrows is.

A lot of people where there walking in the water, some with all the gear and some barefoot and not prepared at all! I had my backpack loaded with all my camera gear which should not get wet.. so I was worried a bit, as last time we had to walk though a deep section at the beginning… this seems to have disappeared.. so the walk into the canyon was really easy and fairly warm.

Below in the gallery you can see the results of the shoot. I was really pleased, what even without a filter, I managed to get a long enough exposure to make the water look smooth.

The light in the canyon was fantastic, as it was bouncing of the walls, and casting a nice orange tone down. The gear was really great, and I can only recommend to rent these boots/pole as it keeps you safe and warm.

I recommend everyone should have a walk in The Narrows… it’s really amazing.


Roman & Tobi

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