Zion – Canyon Overlook at Sunset

Zion – Canyon Overlook at Sunset

Hi Folks,

Also this year we had the chance to participate at the Cisco GSX in Las Vegas. After the great show Tobi and myself headed to the Zion National Park for two days.

Initially I had planed to hike all the way to the Zion Observation Point, and stay there until the Milky Way would show up at about midnight. The problem was the way back, as there was no more tram in the canyon, the hike back to Springdale would have been about 4h! So we decided to take the easy way out.

After a little walk through the park (Emerald Pools) we drove to the east entry of the “Zion – Tunnel” and parked there in one of the few free parkings. We hiked the 15min hike to the Canyon Overlook through the woods. When we arrived some people where there enjoying the view. We had the sun straight on so almost all images had the sun in the lens, which made it quite difficult to get a useful shot.

I had my D610 with the tree lenses 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm in my back pack. And we forgot to bring out headlights for the way back. I also had my filters with me, which I’ve tried to use for some of the shots, but where not really of great help here.

We waited for the sun to set to take some lens flare images, and later on when it got darker, I did a stack of images with all the car lights in it. I even made a b&w version with some colourful light trails…

At about 10pm it got dark enough to see and shoot the Milky Way… needless to say, in such a dark and remote area with no clouds over our heads, I managed to get some wonderful shots.


Roman & Tobi

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