2017 10 Holidays in Arosa

Autumn Holidays in Arosa

Day one

This year we went to Arosa for our holidays, we had a tight program as both our parents will come and visit us!

The night we arrived to Arosa, it was already snowing a little. The next morning there was about 5cm snow on the ground, moreover the mountain peaks where covered with a bit of snow. I just woken up and the sun was shining to the peaks, I jumped out of bead and grabbed my camera and shot though the window.

As it has snow on the leaves and the sun was shining, it begun to melt and creating really nice water droplets on the leaves. I picked up my macro lens (105mm) and begun to shoot nice closeups. It’s really not simple to get sharp shots as the leaves move in the wind and the focal depth is really narrow. Never the less, I think these shots come out nice.

The rest of the day we mainly spent  at the playground, never the less the view of the mountains with the snow was gorgeous. The yellow trees, with the black stone and white snow created a really nice scene.

The day in pictures…

Day Two

We did not make a lot… mainly we walked around the Arosa Obersee, and took some images from the Birds and trees… I think I only brought along my 105mm lens, so I had to shoot detail images, and not wide angle. Although I did make a panorama image with two rows of 5-6 images.. it turned into a 15’000 x 4’500 pixel image (650MEGA-PIXEL)! which is really fascinating to zoom in!

Enjoy the rest of our tour below:

Day Three

Today, my parents came to Arosa for two days. As it was a really warm an sunny day we decided to walk to the Prätschsee, which is about 30min walk from the terminal bus station at Prätschli. I decided to do a little de-tour to get some shoots which I’ve seen the day before from our walk down from the middle station to Prätschli. There was a little lake between the fields, which I thought could give a nice reflection in front of the mountains…

The area was very wet, so I had to be careful not to get stuck and destroy to much of the wildlife.

After I was done here, I joined the rest of the family to walk to the Prätschsee. I had some fun with Flurina as she liked to walk the small paths. We where the only ones who went down to the lake. We spend some time there and I took some nice reflecting shoots again:

Later we met the rest again for some snack. I looked around and I saw a yellow tree, nicely lit by the sunset, I rushed up the hill to get a good composition before the sun was set, and the tree no longer was glowing… I hiked about 5min up the hill, where I finally had a very nice composition with the tree and the scenery in the background:

Since the sun was setting, we headed back to the bus. As the bus only rides every hour, we decided to take a nice beer….

In between I did also take some other really nice images…


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