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Mallorca – Pollenca and Cap Formentor

Hi Guys,

I’ts been a long time since my last post. We have been to Mallorca with the Family. I also was able to go out and get some land/seascape images.

We stayed in Pollenca in the north-east side of the island, where the famous Cap Formentor.


Mirador Es Colomer

20160502_114902-2.jpgHere I’ve used my 105mm macro. As this is a composition of two images, I quickly explain what I’ve done:

  • one image from the tripod with f10 and a short shutter speed, as it was a very sunny day.
  • one image with the BigStopper held by hand in front of the lens, which increased the exposure to about 0.5s
  • finally I stacked the two in photoshop…and masked the water and rocks. Finally some minor color corrections have been made.

And finally some impressions

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