14.7.2020 – Sibe Hängste Wanderung

On the morning of July the 14th I packed up my backpack with enough water, food, and the Mavic 2 Pro. I put on my hiking boots which I’ve just bought a few days ago since my old ones were falling apart! I always wanted to hike to the “Sibe Hängste” next to the Gemmenalphorn. So I had a rough idea of where to go since I was quite familiar with the area. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Guggerli when I was a child and later in my life. But I never hiked onto the “Sibe Hängste”. The day was nice, with some clouds, but no rain forecasted and pretty warm as well.



So I was ready to go. The first stop was at Oberberg, just underneath the Gemmenalphorn. Here I refueled my self and had a nice chat with some people who were about to climb the Gemmenalphorn. The next stop was at the next “Oberberg” where I flew the Drone into the Justistal.

DJI 0816-HDR
DJI 0816-HDR (July 14, 2020)

Then it was about time to climb onto the ridge of the “Sieb Hängste”. There were no trails, but the terrain was good and the direction clear, upwards… The view on top was spectacular but also frightened since the backside was going straight down. Never the less I enjoyed the view and flew the drone around in this astonishing place.

DJI 0834-HDR
DJI 0834-HDR (July 14, 2020)


The climb down was more challenging as the ground was full of cracks of the lime-stone and had really sharp edges, so you did not want to fall down! But the scenery was just gorgeous and I enjoyed myself walking through the cliffs and valleys. From Wagenmoos, it was all about getting back home, through the woods and long winding road back to the Guggerli.

It was a very nice hike, not to recommend for people who are afraid of height and not “stable” in walking.